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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Many parents, coaches and players said they’re thankful to have high school sport seasons, but they usually don’t know what it takes behind-the-scenes to get them on the field or court.

Local athletic directors, like Crater’s David Heard, said they’re on the phone, texting or emailing parents, coaches and fellow athletic directors around the clock.

Heard said they are mostly communicating because of necessary schedule changes or updates for practices and games.

It’s been crazy with overlapping seasons and then facility restrictions along with fans who want to be there.

He said that extends the work day several hours and takes away from communication items like emails.

It’s something he said takes a whole village to handle and keep track of with facilities needed to be marked and COVID-regulated.

“The coaches have been awesome, the kids have been great,” Heard said. “We’ve had a good time being able to pull it off. I mean, we’ve really pulled it off. I was nervous about some things, whether we were going to be able to play or not play and then being able to pull it off with these restrictions and it’s actually worked out,” he added.

The COVID-delayed fall 2020 season wraps up this weekend with spring sports set to begin their first games in the next week.

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