Charity advert reveals horrors of UK child abuse

Action for Children hopes its new advert will help it raise funds to rescue more children from horrific abuse and neglect

A new hard hitting Action for Children television advert sees actor Larry Lamb interviewing a social worker about shocking levels of child abuse and neglect.

The advert, which began airing this week, highlights that one child dies every week in the UK from abuse and neglect.

Children family practitioner Anne-Marie Cowell tells Lamb about some of the case she has worked with including a child beaten “black and blue” and one forced to stand against a wall until he collapsed with exhaustion.

A long term supporter of Action for Children, Larry made the film as part of a campaign to drive more new, regular donors to the charity.

“I’m a passionate supporter of the work Action for Children does and spending a day with Anne-Marie made me realise just how vital its work is in helping and supporting the most vulnerable children in our society”, says Larry.

“Talking to her as we spent the day together filming opened my eyes to just how easy it is for young kids or young adults to slip through the net and just how hard the charity’s staff and services work to stop that happening. If this ad can help in any way at all to raise funds or increase awareness of the important work the charity does I’m more than happy to be involved.’’

Anne-Marie travelled from Devon to join up with the actor and was thrilled to take part in the project,

“As a Family Practitioner for Action for Children I see everyday the positive and important differences we can make to the lives of all children who use our services. If this ad helps our work reach a few more families that will be brilliant. I really enjoyed filming with Larry but it’s back to the day job for me now – Hollywood will have to wait!”