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Child Abuse Centers Get Financial Boost with New Bill


Abused children in the Wiregrass are getting a much needed funding boost thanks to the passing of a new bill.

“The Victims of Child Abuse Re-authorization Act” is a bill co-sponsored by Alabama US Senator Jeff Sessions. The bill will provide $20 million a year to 800 child advocacy centers nationwide.

The Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center in Dothan is one of the selected centers. Officials say the funding is vital to helping them serve the hundreds of children they see each year.

“The thing with child sexual abuse and really one reason that the continued funding is so important is because when you are abused it is basically like a scar and it leaves a scar and it’s something that the children will have to deal with no just immediately right when it happens but something they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives,” explained Jessica Goolsby, Community Outreach Manager at the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center. “Senator Sessions really pushing the bill and finding some way to get it funded will really help child abuse victims in what we call their life-long healing process so we are very thankful for our Senator doing that.”

The center does not know when they will start receiving the funding, or how much they will get, but they say every dollar counts when it comes to helping abused children.

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