Child abuse inquiry: Evidence submitted online is accidentally deleted

Evidence submitted to the child abuse inquiry has accidentally been deleted following a technical error. Some information given to the inquiry set up by Home Secretary Theresa May and chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard was permanently lost when the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (IISCA) website changed its address.

The site asked victims of historical sexual abuse to provide any information which could be relevant. However, all evidence submitted online between 14 September and 2 October was removed before being evaluated by the inquiry’s engagement team because of the glitch.

The IICSA has now apologised for the error and is asking for anyone who provided details between the two dates to resubmit their information. A spokesperson said: “Due to a change in our website address to on 14 September, any information submitted to the inquiry between 14 September and 2 October through the online form on the ‘Share your experience’ page of our website, was instantly and permanently deleted before it reached our engagement team.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience or distress this will cause and would like to reassure you that no information was put at risk of disclosure or unauthorised access. Due to the security measures on our website, your information cannot be found or viewed by anyone else as it was immediately and permanently destroyed.