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TULSA, Okla. –
There are several services in Tulsa to make sure children and their parents can get help in a time of crisis.

The Child Abuse Network and Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) work to make sure abuse victims and children get the help they need.

Child Abuse Network handles more than 2,000 new abuse cases each year.

Experts from those groups are horrified about what happened with the 7-month-old baby boy being found dead after an Amber Alert.

Professionals say the younger the child, the more at risk they are for abuse.

“When we consider people coming–bringing their children into our shelter or coming here for counseling we consider that and I believe DHS does too as a protective mechanism, protective behavior to show that they’re trying to do their best thing and the right thing for their child,” said Donna Mathews with DVIS.

“The biggest thing I want folks to realize is we have to be aware of the other individuals in our community if they’re exposed to any type of violence. A lot of people don’t want to become involved and we all need to be involved,” said Rose Turner with the Child Abuse Network.