Child Abuse: Pregnant woman ‘beats maid, 8, to death’ in Lagos

Police in Lagos have arrested a woman, identified as Oby, for allegedly beating her maid, Miracle, to death in the Okota area of the state.

Oby, a beautician, was nabbed by people when she attempted to dispose of the eight-year-old girl’s body on Saturday.

Residents say the mother of two was fond of beating and maltreating her two housemaids.

A resident said, ‘She is a beautician and has two children and she is heavily pregnant with her third child. Her husband was deported from Libya before he travelled again to Angola, where he is now based.

‘She brought the victim and another girl by name Chinacherem, from their village in Anambra State some years ago. They were formerly going to school before she stopped them.

‘However, anytime I visit their house, she was always beating this particular girl. Whenever people intervened, she would tell them to go away because she brought the girl from the village and it was none of their business.’

Oby would later beat Miracle to death early Saturday morning, residents claim.

She allegedly told the other maid, Chinacherem, to tell people that Miracle died during a fight between them.

Oby has been detained at the Isolo police division pending further investigations.