Child abuse royal commission: George Pell ‘crestfallen’ after call with abuse victim, priest John Walshe says

In the phone call, Cardinal Pell and the victim, David Ridsdale, discussed the fact that Mr Ridsdale had been sexually abused by his uncle, Father Gerald Ridsdale.

In May, Mr Ridsdale told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse the conversation ended acrimoniously after Cardinal Pell allegedly said: “I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet.”

Cardinal Pell denies ever trying to bribe Mr Ridsdale and rejected the suggestion the phone call ended acrimoniously.

Father John Walshe was living with Cardinal Pell in 1993.

He told the royal commission he remembered Bishop Pell, as he was known then, coming out of an office after the phone call.

“When he came back from his phone call I just saw this crestfallen look… he looked grey, that ashen look,” Father Walshe said.

“When you have known the bishop for a while, the look that he has when he is angry or agitated is a very different look.

“He gets pursed lips and almost this white ring around the lips if he is upset, you read the signs, this was a completely different reaction.”