Child Care Centers Reopening Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children

VERSAILLES, Ky. — Child care centers are one of a myriad of businesses forced to close their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as of June 15, they’re allowed to repen. 

Hugz ‘N’ Hissy Fits in one such child care center welcoming back children after closing for three months. 

“Coming back from this, we really don’t know exactly how everything’s going to play out,” said Kristi White, owner of Hugz ‘N’ Hissy Fits. “Staff is wearing masks. We’re not allowing anybody in the building. We’re not even allowing parents to come in. We’re stopping everybody at the front door. We have to take temperatures. We have to document those daily, and that’s required.”

There are a number of health and safety requirements in place for child care centers to follow as they reopen, including a limit on the maximum number of children allowed in a daycare. While Hugz ‘N’ Hissy Fits would typically serve up to 60 children, it will now see only a fraction of that number.

“You can’t have more than 10 kids in a classroom. I actually had to build a temporary wall. — I don’t know that six feet is feasible. We’re going to do the best we can as far as seating is concerned, trying to keep them as far apart,” said White. “10 kids at a time are going to be in a classroom together. They’re going to be playing. They’re going to be going to the playground and whatever.”

For apprehensive parents, White has some advice. 

“I think you look to see is the staff wearing the masks the way they’re supposed to? Are they cleaning the way they’re supposed to? Just being able to be very visual and see, ‘Okay, they’re taking temperatures.’ If you go to walk in and they don’t take your temperature, that’s a problem,” said White. “So just being very vigilant, knowing what the regulations are, and making sure they’re being followed.”

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