Child #found in #home #living in ‘horrifying’ #conditions, #officials say

PALM BAY, Fla. —
The details are horrifying, according to Brevard County investigators.

Police arrested a mother at a Palm Bay home with 58 dogs and cats inside, some of them dead.

Michelle Murray was charged with one count of child abuse and was initially ordered to be held without bail.

According to police, animal waste was found on nearly every surface, the refrigerator was filthy with barely any food in it and a 13-year-old boy, who allegedly “never got to leave the home,” was found inside.

The Florida Department of Children and Families received a tip about conditions at the house. A caseworker arrived there and called police. A foul odor is coming from the home and can be detected simply by walking on the sidewalk near it, police said.

Police said the inside of the home was deplorable.

A police report said one dead cat was found halfway underneath a couch, another was decaying in the kitchen and three more were in the backyard.

The report said feces was on every surface in the house, including the kitchen counters.

Police said the conditions in the house are what led to a charge of child abuse in connection with the child living there.

A neighbor said it’s been awful living next door to the place.

“The smell is horrible, and you can frequently hear someone yelling at the child all hours of the day and night,” Frank McGuire said.