Child Safety Tips from KinderVision

Detective Chris McDonough, a specialist in child safety, gives tips for kids and parents on how handle being approached by strangers. For more child safety t…


25 thoughts on “Child Safety Tips from KinderVision

  1. Lady Aluucard

    I’m not calling anybody a bad parent. Not you cause supervising your child
    is always good. But not those who dont supervise their 12-year-old
    constantly either. It’s sad that we even have to worry about our children
    being abducted / raped at all. And when it comes to getting pregnant etc
    I’d prefer to be able to put some trust in my kids. Makes them more self
    reliant too. I walked to scool alone starting in first grade and I didnt
    get kidnapped / raped and I definitly didnt get knocked up either

  2. JokerPoker2010

    I’m surprised that not one stranger danger video mentions anything about
    screaming fire. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, you scream fire at
    the top of your lungs, it attracts the most attention.

  3. Mia Ferguson

    1. I would told a creep I don’t have a mom if they say she sent me for
    you… same thing with the dad thing too

  4. getfitafter50

    Better to teach kids to suspect unusual actions, requests or events. There
    is no need to suspect perfectly innocent adults.

  5. theghostkiller56

    Thanks for geting away from stangers so i have to kick and break strangers
    arms for real kevin

  6. cara4108

    My parents say I can’t go anywhere without one of them, or even a
    sleepover!…..because they think there might be a pedophile or an
    abuducter there !

  7. Justfive Onine

    To complete the children’s protection, parents should also give them a
    device that they can use to call for an immediate help when they are in
    trouble. One good example of this is a simple cell phone with PERS
    features. A simple cell phone with an emergency button will give children
    the ability to call for an immediate help with just one press to it.