Child Sex Abuse Victims Aren’t Just Statistics – Are You Paying Attention?

It’s easy to want to ignore child sexual abuse, because it’s a horrendous thing to have to think about. But it happens way too often for us to turn a blind eye. While the statistics alone are staggering, this video drives home that any child can be sexually taken advantage of, no matter how awesome you are in the parenting department.

While this film is specific to India, the truth is that child sexual abuse happens all over the world. This mom obviously thinks she’s doing the right thing by pushing her kid to participate in a beloved activity, and I admit, there have been similar conversations to this one in my own house.

Have you been guilty of overlooking your kids’ sudden attitude changes? It’s usually a sign that something is going on when your kids stop wanting to participate in beloved activities. Not necessarily sexual abuse, but don’t we owe it to our kids to get to the bottom of what’s bugging them?

If they don’t feel like they have a safe space with us, where else can they go? Victims more often than not feel isolated, alone, and threatened. And before you think this could never happen to your children, take a look at these disturbing statistics.

  • In India, half of all children in 2007 were victims of sexual abuse, regardless of their gender.
  • A child is raped every two minutes in the U.S.
  • Half a million babies born in the U.S. this year will likely be victims of sexual abuse before they turn 18.
  • Over 40 million adults in this country alone report being sexually abused or raped as children. That’s one in four women and one in six men.

The truth is that it happens too often, and we have to stop the cycle by paying attention to what our kids are trying to tell us. Remember — you can’t tell who’s a sexual predator just by looking at someone. They look just like the rest of us.