Child sexual predators working the theme parks?

Sleeping_Beauty_Castle_Disneyworld_Anaheim_2013Theme parks are places to have fun and be happy, not to worry about if your child is going to be one of them lured into child sex or prostitution.  I never really thought about how dangerous these parks can be, for children.

With there being so many people, at the park, and the majority of them kids, child predators find it a great place to look for children for sex or prostitution.  Law enforcement have been monitoring these parks and organizing stings, trying to catch and arrest as many of them as they can.

Recently one of their stings netted more than 100 people, whom ended up being arrested for child sex and prostitution, at 3 theme parks, in 2 counties of central Florida.  The theme parks targeted were Sea World, Universal Studios and Disney World.

Of the ones arrested, Ryan Mayer, 24, worked at guest arrivals at SeaWorld for about two weeks before his arrest last month, according to the company. Cops said 29-year-old Tomas Adames once worked at Universal Studios while 22-year-old Jeff Conrad III had been a Disney World employee.

The men were swept up in a sting across Lake and Polk Counties that targeted predators using apps like Grindr to hook up with children between the ages of 10 and 14, cops said.

Law enforcement, posing as underage children, monitor apps such as Grindr to lure child predators out into the open, by having them come to a certain address, where they then arrest them.

It seems people don’t stop to think, they could be corresponding with a detective, instead of a young boy or girl.  What are they thinking of by doing this and running the chance of getting caught?

One of the men swept up in the sting, was 22-year-old Ahmad Saleem, an Orlando community activist who founded the Saleem Academy, “an organization dedicated to empowering Muslin youths world wide”.

When he showed up at the address, he thought he was meeting a 12 year old girl he had been chatting with online.  Instead, he was arrested by the detective, posing as the girl.

When he arrived with his van, it had “Invest in Children” vanity license plates.

His Saleem Academy website has been taken down and replaced with a  message “Closed”

“May God bless you, guide you, and illuminate the right path for you, and keep you firm on it,” the site reads. “Keep me in your prayers.”

Many of the men, who arrived at the address, brought with them sex toys, whips, condoms or lubricant.  A funeral home director, from Texas actually showed up with a change of underwear, for the boy he was going to meet, so he could take the used pair home as a trophy.

When detectives chatted with the child predators online, they were amazed at how outrageous and deviant, their desires were.

The second phase of the sting targeted johns and prostitutes. Among those selling themselves for sex were “two high school girls, a pregnant woman and two women who thought they were coming to perform sexual services at a bachelor party,” the Daily Commercial reported.

Source: Daily Kos