#childabductors | California Man, 24, Charged For Murder, Abuse And Kidnapping Of 13-Year-Old Girl

A suspect is found guilty of molesting and abducting a teen girl:

Police in Bakersfield, southern California, booked a 24-year-old man in connection with the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl who was last spotted on July 1.

Armando Cruz was arrested in connection with the murder, physical violence, and abducting in the disappearance of Patricia Alatorre.

Late Sunday evening, the police department said it had confiscated a white pickup truck seen at the time and place where Alatorre disappeared on Wednesday night. The truck was said to have been driven to Cruise, who had been held for interrogation in Los Angeles County. He was arrested on Monday morning.

It is not clear whether the girl’s body is discovered or not

Police did not say whether the girl’s remains had been found, but Cruz was arrested for 11 felonies and misdemeanors, according to the reports.

Charges for the crime:

In addition to the first-degree murder, rape, and kidnapping, Cruz has been accused of contacting a child for physical offenses, physical abuse with a person under the age of 14, obscene or corrupt acts with a child under the age of 14 years, illegal relationships and possession of an order depicting a minor involved in physical behavior. He presents material harmful to a minor and communicates with a minor with the intention of committing a physical offense, mutilating mortal remains, and all crimes. The crime is one of the proceeds of the destruction or concealment of the evidence.

Cruz will be present on Tuesday in court.

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