#childabductors | Second Sunday Health Report: Pediatric Therapy

2–year–old Libby has been in the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department at Bryan Health since she was just 6 months old.

She was born prematurely at 32 weeks and has Down Syndrome, she had a couple of heart conditions as well as a bowel and intestine condition.

“I am not going to lie, any parent would be scared of any diagnosis that you are not expecting when you are pregnant and I was too even being a nurse, it was scary,” Libby’s Mother, Nikki Hobelman said.

Because of the bowel problems, Libby was tube fed for quite awhile so she started out at the feeding clinic. Her family says they are happy she started therapy so early.

“We are constantly working on core strengthening with her through various activities and then some leg strengthening, lower external alignment strengthening and positioning as well,” Physical Therapist at Bryan Health, Brandy Escamilla said.

Bryan Health provides three kinds of therapy at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department: physical, occupational and speech. Libby does it all.

“Everything she does just seems so amazing to me because I just know how much harder she has to work to get there,” Hobelman said.

Libby’s therapist has been with her from the very beginning, watching her get stronger each day.

“It’s been so much fun watching her grow and develop these skills and to get more confident and just watching those social aspects of it too,” Escamilla said.

The therapists at Bryan Health have been like a second family to Libby. Her mom is hoping to tell her story, to help other mothers and let them know to take one step at a time and live life in the moment.

“All of the things we were so scared of are just not significant at all, she is just Libby and she is just like any of our other kids,” Hobelman said.

If parents have any concerns with their child’s development, they can always talk to their pediatrician first and then they can set up a referral. More information can be found on Bryan Health’s website.


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