#childabuse | A Waiting Child: Hunter

This month’s A Waiting Child features Hunter, a 13-year old boy who loves creative activities like building Legos, playing chess, and learning survival skills.

Books and video games hold a special place in Hunter’s heart. The dystopic book series Gone by Michael Grant is Hunter’s favorite. “I’ve always liked those kinds of stories,” Hunter said. “They are very creative. I’ve always had an interest in those types of stories. Reading is a big part of my life.”

Hunter could talk for hours about the expansive video game world of Minecraft. He said he’s put hours into creating structures in the virtual block-filled world.

Hunter is in the 7th grade. Art and science are his favorite subjects to dig into. In the future, Hunter would like to be a geologist. But besides those subjects, Hunter likes to grab a pizza slice in the lunch line.

“I like my school because you could eat pizza every day,” Hunter exclaimed. Pizza is his second-favorite food. His first? “Brussel sprouts and watermelon are tied. I don’t know, they just taste so good,” Hunter said.

Hunter has a job he enjoys at school. A part of the day he gets to spend in the library, helping sort and catalog books. He said the job is a big advantage to a bookworm like him.

“Doing that it is kind of helpful to tell me where the books are in case I wanted to start a new series,” Hunter said. “It’s kind of nice. I really like it a lot.”

In a forever home, Hunter would like to have a family with a few siblings that lets him spend time reading.

“I would prefer kids around my age that have kind of the same interests as me,” Hunter said. “Though, I don’t want them to be exactly the same. That’s just not that fun.”

In addition, Hunter would like loving parents that can help him focus despite his ADHD with gentle redirection.

“I memorize things I don’t really want to memorize for some reason,” Hunter said. “Usually physical contact brings me out of that hyper focused thing. A tap on the shoulder, or something like that.”

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