#childabuse | Dazed Woman With 3-Year-Old Found Standing In McDonald’s Driveway

PORT RICHEY, FL — Employees at the McDonald’s at 11929 U.S. 19 in Port Richey weren’t sure what to do Friday afternoon.

A woman, with a 3-year-old child in tow, was just standing in the middle of the drive-through lane, forcing drivers to swerve around her to reach the pickup window. When it became obvious that the woman wasn’t going anywhere, the workers called the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the reason for the woman’s bizarre behavior became evident when they tried to speak with her. Melanie Hancox, 35, of Irondale Lane in Hudson was in a drug haze.

Deputies found Hancox, who lists her occupation as a nurse, in possession of Methadone Hydrochloride, an opioid used to treat heroin addiction, and Xanax. She was charged with possession of controlled substances and child neglect.

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