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SWITZER — A Switzer man faces child neglect and DUI charges following a Jan. 3 arrest.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court and signed by Senior Trooper Z.S. Holden of the West Virginia State Police, on Jan. 3, Holden pulled over a red Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck in the Switzer area of W.Va. 44 for defective equipment. Holden writes in the complaint that he observed Brandon Scott Turner, 32, of Switzer, operating the vehicle.

A juvenile female under age 10 and a passenger were in the vehicle. Holden notes that when Turner exited the vehicle without being instructed to, he appeared uncoordinated.

While speaking with Turner, Holden writes that he could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Turner’s breath. When asked if he had consumed any alcohol or taken any impairing substances, Turner responded that he had a few beers at his mother’s residence. Holden then reportedly observed several opened alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle in the center cup holders.

Turner was asked to perform a field sobriety test by checking for equal pupil size, equal tracking and no resting nystagmus. Holden reportedly observed distinct nystagmus in Turner.

Turner then failed the walk and turn test. During the test, Turner reportedly performed an improper turn, missed heel to toe five times, stepped out of line seven times and used his arms to balance.

Turner also performed the one leg stand test, which he also failed, according to Holden. Turner used his arms to balance after being told to keep his hands down, and he continued to have body tremors causing his body to sway back and forward and side to side.

Holden also had Turner perform the lack of convergence test to determine if he had smoked marijuana. The test did not show lack of convergence.

According to the complaint, the vehicle’s passenger confirmed that he had been with Turner for several hours consuming alcohol at a residence. A preliminary breath test on scene resulted in a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.194. Turner refused to perform a secondary chemical test of his breath at the WVSP Logan detachment.

The female juvenile was released to her mother shortly after the incident.

Turner is charged with child neglect risk of injury, DUI child endangerment, expired MVI, defective equipment and open container. He was arraigned by Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson on a bond of $25,000, which he has since posted.

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