#childabuse | Man takes plea deal in case of alleged child abuse

Greene signed a plea deal for a lesser charge of attempted child abuse for failing to seek medical attention for his son.

Prosecutors said they agreed to it because medical experts could not pinpoint his injuries to the hour and a half Brycen spent with Greene.

Reeva Case, Brycen’s great grandmother and caretaker, read a letter in court addressed to Greene with words, she said, Brycen will never get to say.

“I’m a survivor. I survived my injuries, I didn’t die,” Case said. “But Brandon, you took the life from me that I was meant to live.”

According to court documents, Greene told police he was home alone with Brycen when he started to get fussy.

Greene said he was walking with Brycen when he dropped him. When he noticed Brycen was having trouble breathing, he called for help an hour later.

Doctors said Brycen’s injuries were so severe they did not believe he would even survive.

“What has happened absolutely is a tragic accident and it is just that, an accident,” said a family friend of Greene in court Tuesday.

Family and friends said they believe Greene accidentally tripped and fell. They also told the judge that Brycen was born with drugs in his system.

“The last three years have been painful for everyone that’s been involved,” said Amy Greene. “I would like you to know that my son, Brandon Greene, is not a bad person.”

Greene was sentenced to nine years—three of which will be suspended on supervised probation.

Along with time suspended he also gets time served for being supervised while out of custody while the case was pending.

Greene is expected to serve roughly three to four years in the Department of Corrections, according to the district attorney’s office.

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