#childabuse | Parent of injured child makes heartfelt plea to babysitter on the run

“I feel like Naomi is being denied justice.” Wallace said.

 Wallace recently came close to finally seeing justice. Back in August, police caught up with 46-year-old Teiwana Wilson after she’d been on the run for more than a year. Wilson was arrested, booked into the Hennepin County jail, her mugshot taken and she was charged with three felonies: assault, endangering a child and neglect. Wilson faced a judge and if convicted, could see 30 years in prison.

In the criminal complaint, prosecutors stated that because of Wilson’s previous behavior, she was already on parole for a different assault conviction involving a child, they would go after a “stronger sentence.”

Wallace’s mom read that and reacted, “it meant healing, that was the first piece of the puzzle to be able to move on.”

A Hennepin County judge set another court date for September. Wallace was in custody, and instead of going back to jail, her defense attorneys made a special request, asking the judge for a conditional release with no bail because of health issues that they said required treatment at a hospital or nursing facility.

Wilson was granted the conditional release and was transported to HCMC for treatment of a blood disorder and back pain, then she was discharged to the Villas at Bryn Mawr in Minneapolis for continued care. She was supposed to be supervised during the transition. However court documents confirmed Wilson was a no show at the nursing center. What’s more she also skipped out of the September court hearing. 

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“Makes the situation more frustrating, it’s not a good feeling to know they had her and all of the sudden she’s gone again,” replied Wallace.

Soon after she left, Wilson’s conditional release was revoked and another warrant was issued for her arrested. She’s been wanted ever since, “I’m sorry, I know there’s nothing we can do but sit around and wait, I want someone to care, care about Naomi’s justice,” replied Wallace. 

Given Wilson is a flight risk, a judge set bail at $150,000 in an effort to guaranteethat when Wilson is re-arrested, she  will appear in court. The Wallace family has relocated since the incident.

Over a video call, Symone Wallace pleaded for information on Wilson’s whereabouts. She said, “put yourself in my shoes and someone did that to your child you would want to find that person.”

If you have information that could lead to Wilson, please contact police 

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