#childabuse | Provo man arrested for child abuse after 1-year-old found unconscious in home

A Provo man was arrested for child abuse after a toddler was found unconscious in his girlfriend’s home on Thursday.

A court document states that 20-year-old Javier Alverdi-Ramirez was arrested on two counts of child abuse with intentionally inflicting serious physical injuries.

According to the probable cause statement, Provo Police officers were contacted by the Division of Child and Family Services about a 1-year-old female that was in a Utah Valley Hospital emergency room with serious injuries. DCFS stated they were contacted by the ER doctor, who suspected the child was being physically abused.

The probable cause statement said the child was presented with a head injury that rendered them unconscious and when the victim woke up, she had “an altered level of consciousness and vomited multiple times.” Additionally, the victim was found to have bruises all over her body and on all her limbs – some of which appeared to be only several weeks old and human-caused. The victim also had two broken ribs with fresh bruising.

In a recorded interview with the victim’s mother, she told police that around 7:30 a.m. Thursday, she was in the shower when her boyfriend – identified as Alverdi-Ramirez – told her that something was wrong with the child. The mother left the shower and found the victim unconscious on the floor, according to the probable cause statement. The mother told police that the child had vomit on her clothing, the floor and on the child’s bed, and she could see the head injury, which Alverdi-Ramirez stated was from her falling off her bed.

In the interview, the mother told police that she believed that Alverdi-Ramirez could be abusing her daughter, adding that he was the only person who had access to the victim’s room on the day of the incident and citing multiple other incidents where he would “get upset with her daughter,” according to the probable cause statement.

The mother stated there were some evenings when the victim was supposed to be sleeping and her boyfriend will get upset with her for not sleeping or for crying. She continued to state that Alverdi-Ramirez would go into the victim’s room and shut the door, where she could hear him being upset and described hearing “loud noises like something hitting a wall or the floor” and when she would confront him, Alverdi-Ramirez would say he was just hitting the wall or the bed to “scare the victim,” according to the probable cause statement.

The mother also told police that after these things would happen, he would tell her that he needs help with his anger and wants to see a therapist.

Police then spoke with Alverdi-Ramirez and agreed to speak with officers after read his Miranda rights. According to the probable cause statement, he did admit to getting angry with the victim but stated when he gets angry, he does other things such as cleaning or cooking. He also admitted to police that he did tell the victim’s mother that he needed therapy not because of anger issues but because he has mild autism, said the probable cause statement.

When asked about the incident from Thursday morning, Alverdi-Ramirez told police that he found the child on the floor unconscious with vomit around her and left her there and ran to find her mother who was in the shower. He also denied having injured the child and said she must’ve fallen. However, the doctor who made the report to DCFS said the head injury, bruises and fractured ribs were consistent with child abuse and not a fall.

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