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“A Texas mother has been sentenced to six years in prison after confessing to subjecting her son to a series of unnecessary medical procedures and surgeries,” Fox News reports. “Investigators say [she] subjected her son — who is now 10 — to more than 320 hospital visits and 13 surgeries over the first eight years of his life.”

We take note of this story for a simple reason: The fad of “transgender” activism.

This Texas woman clearly has mental issues, and her son suffered for it. All clear-headed adults in this situation — and people reading about it in the news — realize that something wasn’t right and that the boy was safer without his mother.

Yet if she had insisted that her son was actually a girl, she’d be applauded by the media and even the medical establishment. Worse, if her son insisted he was a girl but she denied him his “identity,” she would have come under scrutiny to the point that perhaps the boy would have been removed from her custody.

Last week, Democrat presidential contenders participated in a town hall on “LGBTQ” issues, and in it, Elizabeth Warren led the applause for a little girl who thinks she’s a boy and is being enabled abused by her mother — described as a “transgender activist.” But what that mother is doing is far worse than the Texas woman who’s going to prison. The Texas boy isn’t sick and he’ll have a chance to heal from relational wounds. The girl Warren applauded will grow up in a topsy-turvy fantasy world, not knowing who she really is and being at a substantially increased risk of suicide.

Democrats just applaud.

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