#ChildMolester | ‘Quiet’ 23yo jailed after being busted mid-deal

A “QUIET” 23-year-old, who has been jailed for trafficking marijuana, says he had no idea he would get in so much trouble.

Judge Gary Long today sentenced Codey Dean Coolahan to actual jail time, saying the community needed to realise the seriousness of illegal drug activity.

Police found 25g of marijuana in clip seal bags when they spotted Coolahan doing a deal on a service road near Caloundra Rd at Little Mountain on September 28, 2018.

They also found a diary in which Coolahan had documented sales and the targets, which would make him a profit.

Crown prosecutor Stipe Drinovac said police uncovered a three-month long, high intensity trafficking period where substantial sales had been made almost daily.

Coolahan’s Little Mountain home was searched and police found 300g of marijuana.

It was uncovered that he had sold the drug on 194 occasions.

“On his own admission he was able to purchase a $7000 car with the proceeds of his drug trade and had almost $6000 in cash at his address, also proceeds of his drug trade,” Mr Drinovac said.


At Maroochydore District Court today, Coolahan pleaded guilty to seven charges including trafficking in dangerous drugs, and possessing property obtained from trafficking.

He had only one entry on his criminal history for possessing a utensil.

Defence barrister Simon Lewis said his client had autistic tendencies and began dealing to be accepted by a peer group after leaving home.

He said a doctor’s report indicated Coolahan wouldn’t cope well in prison and submitted a community-based sentence was appropriate.

“He is a young man who, as your honour can see, is slightly built. He is described as being quiet and almost shy,” Mr Lewis said.

Mr Long highlighted Coolahan’s condition had not impacted his ability to run a trafficking business.


Mr Lewis said he understood that.

“He said himself that he didn’t believe, when it started, that he would get in so much trouble,” Mr Lewis said.

Mr Long said Coolahan, and the community, needed to be sent a message that marijuana activity was illegal and serious offending.

“It is illegal because it is not a drug, at least in terms of unrestrained use of it, which is without potential adverse consequences in the community,” Mr Long said.

He noted Coolahan now had much more stability in his life with support from his girlfriend and family, who sat in the court.

“The difficulty for you is that you were very successful at (trafficking) and it developed to a large extent,” Mr Long said.

Coolahan was given a head sentence of two years and three months’ jail, to serve three months.

He will be eligible for parole on September 24.

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