#ChildMolester | The pedophile was caught by Cash Converter after selling the Kindle for 15 pounds.

Jeffrey Wade had “downloaded and hoarded” more than 4,000 child sexual abuse photos and videos since 2016.

A pedophile was busted when he brought an Amazon Kindle with sick pictures to Cash Converter.

The pervert left the court and celebrated with a suspicious-looking cigarette

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard the 35-year-old from Dovecot go to the pawnbrokers on 26 March last year in the Dovecot parade.

But he was released and celebrated with a suspicious-looking cigarette after a judge heard that he was “motivated to leave this behavior behind.

His collection contained pictures of babies and toddlers who were molested and children aged five or six years were raped.

Cash Converter immediately contacted the police, who found 11 indecent category B images – the second most serious category that depicted sexual activity – 143 category C files and 25 prohibited computer-generated images.

He received £15 for the Kindle as part of the store’s “buy-back program” and provided the password for the e-reader “NYNY”.

However, when a 28-day cooling-off period expired and employees came to delete the device to resell it, they discovered disturbing photos.

In total, there were 145 Category A files, 392 Category B files and 3,719 Category C files on these devices and the Kindle, resulting in a total of 4,258 offensive images and 1,916 banned images.

Officers raided Wade’s home on East Prescot Road and confiscated other electronic equipment, including a laptop, a Raspberry pi-computer, cell phones, USB sticks, an SD card and an external hard drive.

The Category A files contained images of five or six-year-old children who had been raped, while the Category B images contained newborns and infants.

Jamie Baxter, the prosecutor, said the evidence showed that Wade had “downloaded and stored indecent images of children” by searching for “three- to five-year-old naked people” and using techniques “to try to hide his crime,” including a DuckDuckGo search engine and virtual private networks (VPNs) to hide his IP address.

Wade, who has no criminal record, confessed to three cases of downloading and one case of possession of indecent child images and one case of possession of prohibited child images.

Sarah Holt, the defense attorney, said her client made a “full confession” to the police and has since contacted an organization to try to get help, but he was told he would have to pay for the cost of assistance, which was “prohibitively expensive.

The lawyer said Wade had received assistance with mental health problems, was taking medication and had a kind of “chaotic lifestyle,” which was illustrated by the fact that when the police went to search his apartment, they had to request special clothing to “get him to safety.

She said he was not prepared to cooperate with the authorities to address his cannabis use, “but in all other respects he is”.

She said Wade accepted that he needed help and that he had “a clear sexual interest” in the pictures, but that the court should know that he had never hurt, approached or tried to contact a child.

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