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The footage viewed more than 170,000 times includes graphic propositions by Lloyd explaining various sexual acts he planned to carry out with the boy.

The video series concluded with Payne confronting a visibly deflated Lloyd who agreed to an in-person meet-up outside Woodgrove Centre on January 20, 2019.

Justin Payne’s video featuring his investigation and an encounter (at 26:30) with Cory Lloyd outside Woodgrove Centre. The video contains foul language and themes which may not be appropriate for all viewers. Discretion is strongly advised. (Justin Payne)

A judge ordered a pre-sentence report during Lloyd’s brief court appearance on Friday.

Court was told Lloyd is currently meeting with a private psychiatrist who will be tasked with providing a risk assessment for the court’s consideration.

Lloyd’s offending relates to correspondence between Oct. 25, 2018 and Jan. 20, 2019.

An agreed statement of facts will be revealed and sentencing to occur likely in the new year.

Payne, who now resides in Ontario, produced a series of videos while living in Nanaimo profiling alleged child lurers in the Harbour City.

This marks the second Nanaimo based bust by Payne to lead to a conviction.

A prior video sting nabbed Raymond Dewell, who was convicted of sex offences against two underage girls in Nanaimo, jailed for two years and placed on the National Sex Offender Registry for life.

Videos by Payne, described by Crown Counsel in Dewell case as high quality and extremely helpful, also featured Payne using a disguised voice.

NanaimoNewsNOW profiled Payne in 2019, whose vigilante videos are praised by many but are widely discouraged by police due to concerns of personal safety and potentially jeopardizing investigations.

He clearly identifies himself as a minor on dating sites while connecting with alleged unsuspecting pedophiles.

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