#childmolestor | Auburn sex offender sentenced for unregistered Facebook profile | Local News

Jason Murphy, 37, of 81 Bradford St., was arrested in the early morning of July 16 in the parking lot of Mavis Discount Tire at 33 E. Genesee St., after Officer Nicholas Atkins called in suspicious activity.

Police said Murphy pulled away from Atkins and knocked them both down while the officer was arresting him on a city ordinance violation. A knife was later recovered from Murphy, police said.

Syracuse-based defense attorney Annaleigh Porter claimed Atkins made an unlawful arrest and was responsible for the escalation. Murphy was taking items out of his vehicle at the time of the arrest, Porter said. He was in the parking lot to drop off his vehicle for brake repairs.

In court on Tuesday, Murphy entered not guilty pleas to three charges: second-degree assault with intent to physically injure, a class D felony, and the misdemeanors of second-degree obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

Porter called the assault charge “absurd” and opposed Budelmann’s assessment that Murphy posed a “substantial risk of flight” during a discussion about bail. She told Fandrich that Murphy owns an Auburn pizzeria, has nine children in the area and coaches hockey.

Budelmann said he objected to her characterization of the assault charge if she was going to talk about the facts of the case on the record.

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