#childmolestor | Freddy Krueger’s backstory explained

The events of Freddy’s young adult life are murky, and it’s not clear whether or not he ever faced any legal consequences for the murder of Mr. Underwood. What is known is that by his mid-20s, Fred Krueger was in the family way. He’d married a woman named Loretta who gave birth to a daughter, Katherine. Together, they lived what was, to the casual observer, a simple, happy, pedestrian life.

Lying just beneath the surface, however, was a dark secret. Freddy, unable to stem his unquenchable bloodlust, had constructed a secret room in the family’s suburban home. Inside, he kept a series of homemade weapons, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia from his off-hours hobby, which was slaughtering the children of Springwood, Ohio, as the mysterious killer known as the Springwood Slasher.

Marriage is, if nothing else, based on trust, and the Kruegers’ home life hit a speed bump when Loretta discovered Freddy’s macabre man cave. Freddy, sort of cementing himself as a one note song, killed his wife in front of their young daughter. Shortly after this, he was arrested for the murders of numerous local children, and Katherine was put into foster care under a new name. 

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