#childmolestor | More jail time for troubled Sudbury sex offender

He gets 2.5 years for child pornography; he faces possibly more time for an attempted abduction case still before the courts

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The same man accused of trying to drag a teenage girl into his New Sudbury home in 2019 was sentenced Wednesday to 2.5 years in jail on a separate matter relating to child pornography.

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Police found the odious material on a computer belonging to Michel Albert while investigating him for the abduction attempt, which occurred outside his Paquette Street residence.

While that matter has not yet gone to trial, the 47-year-old was convicted in October regarding the child-porn charge.

“The accused was found guilty of a very serious offence,” said Ontario Court Justice Pierre Bradley at Wednesday’s sentencing hearing. “He has taken part in criminal activity involving children, who are the most vulnerable individuals in our society … Possession of child pornography is a morally repugnant crime.”

Bradley said the volume of pornography found on Albert’s computer was “extensive” and its content was “extreme.” He said the accused had also installed a tool on his hard drive to hide the illegal activity.

“By having heard all the circumstances surrounding the offence and taking into account the mitigating and aggravating factors, I believe an appropriate sentence would be a term of imprisonment of two years and six months,” said the judge.

That was more than double the one-year term that defence lawyer Denis Michel had sought and one year shy of the 3.5 years that the Crown had called for.

Apart from serving time, Abert will be placed on the sex offender registry for life and required to provide DNA samples. He is prohibited from attending a public park or swimming pool where children under 16 may be present, along with schools, daycares and playgrounds.

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He is further prohibited from having contact with anyone under the age of 16 unless under the supervision of a parent and cannot use the internet except for the purpose of employment or seeking employment.

Albert is already facing more than five years in jail regarding historical sex crimes that came to light after he was charged in the assault on the teen. Bradley said the 2.5 years for child porn will be served consecutively – in addition to the existing sentence.

The offender could spend considerably more time behind bars if also convicted of attacking the young woman, who was making her way to Lasalle Secondary School when the incident occurred.

An 18-year-old resident of the neighbourhood told The Star she heard screams from inside her home and rushed outside to see the female victim struggling to escape from a man.

“She was screaming at the top of her lungs,” said Emily, who didn’t want her last name published for safety reasons. “It was the most terrifying scream, oh my god.”

Another woman driving by had already pulled over to come to the girl’s aid.

“She stopped in the middle of the road and got out of her car and started to run down the street, yelling at him,” said Emily. “When I got outside she was there with her, and he was running back into his house.”

Emily said the Lasalle student was badly shaken and visibly injured.

“She was sitting on the ground crying,” she said. “Her face was swollen and purple and her teeth were all bloody. It was bad.”

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The girl told her she was afraid the man was “going to knock her out,” said Emily, then drag her into the nearby building where he resided.

Albert is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful forcible confinement in relation to that incident, as well as assaulting police and resisting arrest.

He has pleaded not criminally responsible in the case, saying he can’t remember what happened that day.

The court has ordered a psychiatric report and a hearing into his plea will be held later this year.

Bradley noted Wednesday that Albert had made an “oral application on Feb. 8 to reopen the trial” regarding child pornography based on several allegations, including that police destroyed evidence.

“The accused also stated he should not have been convicted of the charge before the court because he is against child abuse in general,” said Bradley. “He explained he has sent emails and/or letters to the Pope stating he believes the church should have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to child pornography.”

Bradley said, however, that he did not find sufficient grounds to reopen the case.

“I am not satisfied the accused has provided any information or potential evidence that would be relevant in the sense that it bears upon a decisive or potential issue in the trial,” he said. “The court is of the view that the accused has not met the threshold to reopen the present trial.”


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