#childmolestor | Plattsburgh community concerned after sex offender is released

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) A man accused of trying to take a 4-year-old boy from a soccer game in Plattsburgh is back out on the streets.

It happened in December at the Crete Center in Plattsburgh during a youth soccer game.
Police say 54-year-old John Bakken Froom tried to get the child into his gold Ford Taurus by saying they were going to see Santa.
The boy’s father saw what was happening, grabbed his son, and left.
Back in January, Froom was eligible for pre-trial release based on the new bail reform law as long as he didn’t leave the county, stayed in emergency housing, and wore an ankle monitor.
He was released last week from the Clinton County Jail.
Posts on Facebook circling about his release have people saying they are concerned to see him back out in Clinton County.
“These are serious allegations that this individual is facing so I would urge anyone that comes in contact with Mr. Froom to be vigilant,” Plattsburgh Police Department Captain Brad Kiroy said.
The investigation into Froom is still ongoing but did span to multiple states including Vermont.
Froom is waiting on the date he will be back in Plattsburgh City Court.

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