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A Terre Du Lac man was sentenced to prison last month after pleading guilty to the rape and stabbing of a woman in Crystal City and an attempted rape of a separate woman in Imperial late last year.

Sheldon Scott Reynolds, 33, of Terre Du Lac, appeared before Jefferson County Associate Circuit Judge Brenda Stacey on Oct. 25, pleading guilty to first-degree rape or attempted rape in the December 2020 case and second-degree attempted rape in the November 2020 case.

The judge handed down a sentence of 18 years in prison for the offense of first-degree rape or attempted rape and a four-year prison term for second-degree rape. The judge ordered the sentences to be served concurrently, for a total of 18 years in prison.

The man had been charged with the crimes after two different women reported sexual assaults that occurred just one month apart.

According to a probable cause statement, police responded to Airport Road in Crystal City to assist the Joachim-Plattin Ambulance District with a woman bleeding from her arm on Dec. 16.

On the scene, the woman told police she was raped and assaulted by a man at a residence on Airport Road. She directed officers to a house, where the incident reportedly occurred.

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The report states that the woman had multiple lacerations on her right hand and a small puncture wound on her left chest area. Officers reported that blood was visible on her clothing.

The victim later provided detailed information about the incident.

She stated she had been in contact with Reynolds through a texting app since about Nov. 25. 2020. The woman told police that Reynolds had contacted her, wanting her to perform sexual acts for monetary compensation. She said Reynolds would continuously contact her, even sending a photograph of himself.

The woman recalled to officers that Reynolds had contacted her before the violent encounter and stated he would pay her $300 to perform a sex act on him. After several texts throughout the day, the woman said the man increased the offer to $450 and provided an address.

The woman reportedly arrived at the address, which was Mercy Hospital-Jefferson in Crystal City.

According to the statement, the woman then called Reynolds, and he directed her to the Airport Road residence. The woman said Reynolds told her the door was open and to just enter the house when she arrived.

The report states that the woman entered the house, met Reynolds, and they walked to the living room area, where they spoke briefly. The woman said Reynolds then rushed her, throwing her to the floor near the corner of the living room. She said she struggled with the man, pleading for her life.

During the struggle, Reynolds reportedly struck the woman on the left side of her face. He then reportedly reached back and grabbed a pair of scissors from his pants. The woman said she grabbed the scissors to prevent the man from stabbing her, but he was able to stab her in the right wrist while stating numerous times that he was going to kill her. She told police she was again pleading for her life, thinking she was going to die.

The report states the man then put the scissors up to the woman’s neck, but she quickly moved her right arm, blocking the scissors from cutting her neck area.

Reynolds reportedly began to choke the woman until she almost lost consciousness before ordering her to pull her pants down. The woman stated that she “gave up” at that point, and Reynolds removed her pants, forcing sexual intercourse on her as he held the scissors to her neck.

The woman stated that Reynolds then told her to “get out.” She said she gathered her clothing and hurriedly exited the front door of the house.

Reynolds was arrested for the crime the next day.

The other crime to which Reynolds pleaded guilty and was sentenced occurred a month before, on Nov. 16, 2020.

The victim, in that case, reported to police that she and Reynolds agreed to meet at a location near an Imperial business on the 5000 block of US 61-67 so she could provide him with a massage in exchange for $600, according to a probable cause statement.

She said when she arrived, Reynolds approached her and got into the back seat of her car. The victim stated he tried to kiss her, to which she told him she did not want to kiss, and when the woman looked in the back seat, she saw Reynolds exposing himself.

The man asked her to get in the back seat of the vehicle and as she was doing so, he pushed her into the vehicle and struck her multiple times in the face with a closed fist. A struggle ensued between the two, and the woman was able to fight Reynolds off of her by kicking him.

During the altercation, the woman fell out of the car, spraining her shoulder and causing abrasions to her knee. She then began running toward the highway, and Reynolds ran in the other dírection.

She returned to her vehicle and said Reynolds began approaching her and putting his genitals back in his pants. The woman was able to flee the scene in her car and sought medical attention.

Reynolds is listed on the Missouri Sex Offender Registry as a Tier III offender, meaning he has a lifetime registration requirement.

According to court records, Reynolds pleaded guilty in October 2006 to first-degree child molestation involving a 13-year-old female victim. In April 2006, records showed the man pleaded guilty in Jefferson County to first-degree statutory sodomy of a 14-year-old boy and a count of forcible sodomy – deviate sexual intercourse involving a 15-year-old girl.

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