#childmolestor | Rodney Alcala – Dating Game, Photos & Victims

Rodney Alcala is an American serial killer whose good looks and high IQ helped him lure victims. His 1978 appearance on the television show ‘The Dating Game’ resulted in his nickname of “The Dating Game Killer.”

Who Is Rodney Alcala?

Serial killer Rodney James Alcala murdered at least nine women and girls across the United States in the 1970s, though his true death toll could number more than 100. He spent time in prison for sexual assault and other crimes in the 1970s but continued to rape and kill when he was free. Autopsies of some Alcala victims revealed that he would strangle women, then wait for them to regain consciousness before the final kill. Alcala also sometimes arranged the corpses of women he’d murdered in poses. In 2010, photos taken by Alcala decades earlier were made public to try to identify other victims. He has been behind bars since his July 1979 arrest for the abduction and murder of a 12-year-old girl. Alcala was sentenced to death in California but is unlikely to face the death chamber as the state has stopped all executions.

Early Life

Alcala was born as Rodrigo Jacques Alcala-Buquor in San Antonio, Texas, on August 23, 1943. He moved to Mexico with his family when he was around 8 years old and his father abandoned the family while they were in Mexico. Alcala, his siblings and mother later relocated to Los Angeles.

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