#childmolestor | The Betty Broderick Story Recap, Episode 6

Dirty John

The Twelfth of Never

Season 2

Episode 6

Editor’s Rating

3 stars

Photo: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

Look, I get that this isn’t Dirty John: The Linda Kolkena Story. But it’s really bothering me that the series continues to treat Linda as a one-dimensional character. We know nothing about Linda and what we learn in “The Twelfth of Never” does nothing to make us understand her any better. Yes, she had an affair with someone’s husband, but this isn’t The Scarlet Letter and she isn’t Hester Prynne. She was 21 when she met Dan and 28 when she was murdered in her sleep. We can find her actions morally reprehensible but she certainly didn’t deserve to die because of them. By not giving us any insight into Linda, the show is implicitly blaming the victim. What was her childhood like? Her family? Her background? Why was she so willing to carry on with someone else’s husband? There’s no justification for her actions, obviously, but some context would be appreciated at this point in the story.

Here’s what we do learn in “The Twelfth of Never”: Betty wants her wedding china back. It has somehow become symbolic of everything she has lost. (Although we don’t see Betty talking about the china, just other people talking about how Betty wants the china.) Dan claims to not know where the china is. When Betty’s friend implores Linda to return the china, indicating that it would be an olive branch of sorts, Linda replies that she’s not doing an olive branch and she’s more inclined to break the china because that’s what Betty would have done. Betty has treated Linda terribly, and no one deserves to be repeatedly referred to as a “whore,” but from the show’s perspective Linda feels no responsibility for her current predicament. Maybe this is how she actually was, but the show isn’t interested in exploring Linda at all, which is the only real criticism I have of this otherwise stellar series.

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