#childmolestor | WCSO Performs Random Sex Offender Home Checks

During the Christmas holidays, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender unit with the assistance of the School Resource officers division performed random Registered Sex Offender home checks. The School Resource Officers Division assist with Registered Sex Offender home checks annually while the schools are out for the holidays and summer breaks. During the recent 93 home checks, four Registered Sex Offenders were found to be in violation of their court ordered residency restrictions. The Registered Sex Offenders that were in violation have been charged with failure to register their address properly with the Sheriff’s Office. The failure to register a proper address as a sex offender in North Carolina is a Class F Felony.

Deputy Mel Powers, who is in charge of the sex offender monitoring program over the past year, has implemented a more aggressive home check program at the direction of Sheriff Larry Pierce. Deputy Powers has implemented a twice a year home check program which the state requires only one home check per year. On top of the two times a year home checks, the Sheriff Office is also performing random home checks which is outlined above. The random checks are based on sex offenders that have not complied before, citizen complaints, unusual address changes and/or just random sex offender files pulled to check.

On top of the Sex Offender program updates, the Sheriff’s Office has installed and is using a new Sex Offender application that is connected to the Sheriff’s Office Records Management System. This was done with the assistance of the Wayne County IT department. This program allows the Sheriff’s Office to track all movements and involvements with the Registered Sex Offenders in Wayne County. This program allows the Sheriff’s Office to better track and monitor the Registered Sex Offenders in the county.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has 218 Active Registered Sex Offenders in Wayne County as of January 6th, 2020.

This rigorous program has yielded the arrest of 12 Registered Sex Offenders that have been in violation of state law pertaining to residency over the past year.

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