#childmolestor | Who is Karlie Brooks? ‘Disgusted’ OnlyFans star who had sex with Josh Duggar reveals SICK roleplay

OnlyFans model Karlie Brooks has opened up about having sex with disgraced reality TV star and convicted sex offender Josh Duggar. In the clip, which has now been deleted from TikTok, Karlie said that Duggar paid her to dress up like a child during sex.

Brooks, 26, said that she first met 34-year-old Duggar back in 2015 on the Ashley Madison website. This was around the time when Duggar was exposed for cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar. “Speaking of Josh Duggar, I am ashamed to say this, but I have slept with him a few years ago when the whole Ashley Madison scandal came out,” Brooks said in the footage. 


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“I was one of the women that slept with Josh during that time and just hearing everything that has gone down with him makes me absolutely sick,” Brooks said. “[Duggar] paid me a generous — a really good amount of money. But, yeah, I slept with Josh Duggar.”


Brooks alleged that Duggar asked her to put her hair in pigtails. He also demanded that she cover up her tattoos and shave everything on her body. Duggar allegedly chose panties from the kids’ section for her to wear when they would meet. 

Who is Karlie Brooks?

Brooks is an adult celebrity, actor, and model who has worked with popular studios like Hussie Pass, NVG Network, and Mile High. Born on March 29, 1995, in Kentucky, Brooks went to a Local High School in Kentucky and completed her graduation from the University of Kentucky.

Last year, Josh Duggar was found guilty of possessing and receiving child sexual abuse material. The horrific details of Duggar’s child pornography stash were earlier exposed. Duggar, who rose to fame from his family’s TLC show called ’19 Kids and Counting’, was arrested on April 29. Cops had allegedly seized Josh’s HP laptop from his office while raiding his Arkansas car dealership in 2019. Looking for illegal downloads, cops allegedly found child abuse material hidden deep inside a hard drive.

A lot of disturbing and graphic details came to light during the much-publicized trial of the ’19 Kids and Counting’ alum, including the fact that he had molested his own sisters. Towards the end of the trial, it was found that Duggar had been the Executive Director and a long-time board member of Family Research Council, where he ironically lobbied against access to pornographic content. In his own life, he devised ways to bypass the porn-alert program on his system that sent a report of his Internet activities to his wife Anna.

Duggar was accused of a wide range of crimes around child pornography and downloaded hundreds of horrific child abuse images and videos, including the video of a “three-month-old being sexually abused and tortured.” He is locked up in Washington County Jail and is expected to be transferred to federal prison soon. There, he will reportedly undergo a sex offender treatment program. 

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