#childpredator | 5 suspected child predators nabbed by operation home alone 2 in Arizona.

5 suspected child predators nabbed by operation home alone 2 in Arizona. – Andover Leader

In recent years, child sex trafficking, child pornography, child abuse and other such cases have risen dramatically in America. More and more children were going missing, being kidnapped, abducted for these crime purposes.

American authorities have always put an eye on them and made frequent arrests in those crimes. However, there was no stopping them. Especially during the period of lockdown, the crime rate in America was going up like anything. We too reported to you a lot of such cases where people related to child sex trafficking, child pornography were arrested.

Surprisingly, not only small individuals were arrested. In such cases, some big names and even gang’s involvement was revealed. So, to put these crimes to an end, multiple operations were launched in multiple states. One such operation was launched in Arizona as well with the name home alone 2.

Now, 5 people have been arrested in the operation. They too were involved in child related crimes. They have been charged with multiple charges. It is expected more arrests are on the way. So, for more such latest news stay tuned with us.

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