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Legal Rights of Victims Sexually Abused by a Teacher

Attorney contributor Brian Kent, helps victims of sexual abuse and their families find justice through civil lawsuits. Below, Kent provided commentary on the legal rights of victims sexually abused by a teacher and their options to file a lawsuit against the school or the district.

Kent began by stating that sexual predators are often found working in schools. He said, “sexual predators are often found working in schools as they prefer to be in positions of power and trust. These predators use their positions of power as leverage over the students. Additionally, they use their job position to get close to children without others noticing.”

Kent continued, “schools carry an obligation to provide safety for students. To ensure the safety of students, schools must put safeguards in place. Some examples of proper safeguards include investigating reports of inappropriate behavior and consistently monitoring teachers’ behavior.”

Kent concluded by discussing the legal options of victims. He said, “if a sexual assault occurs and the school is determined negligent, then the school may be held liable, and a lawsuit may be filed. For example, if a school receives reports of inappropriate behavior by a teacher, but allows the teacher to continue working, they could be considered negligent in future sexual abuse. In such cases, the family of the victim may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit.”

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