#childpredator | Duggar Family: Will Josh’s Sex Crimes Affect Their Courtship Rules?

If you know anything about the Dagger family, you’re probably familiar with their weirdness. Courtship rules..

These are notorious restrictions that prohibit virtually all forms of physical contact between men and women before marriage.

Obviously, the fact that the first child raised in a sexual phobic environment created by Jim Bob and Michelle turned out to be a sexual predator is deeply ironic.

Of course, given the long history of his improper behavior, Josh’s sex crimes are sadly not so surprising, and he seems to have developed a distorted mindset. Because Nonetheless, but of his strange upbringing.

During April Josh was arrested on suspicion of child pornography..

He is currently waiting for his trial, which is scheduled to begin in July.

If convicted, he faces 20 years in prison.

Of course, this isn’t the first sex scandal involving Josh.

In 2015, Josh sexually abused five young girls..

Four of them were his sisters and the fifth was a babysitter hired by his parents.

Announcement of Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

Josh was a teenager at the time, and his parents not only helped him avoid prosecution, but also made no changes to the courtship rules he had set for Josh and his siblings.

Faced with iron-covered evidence that their ideas were harmful and dangerous, Jim Bob and Michelle decided to keep the course and not change anything at all.

Obviously, they aren’t completely blaming the fall of their eldest son, but you’ll think that this horrific change in events will encourage parents to rethink their approach.

Dagger family

Instead, Jim Bob and Michelle seem to have doubled.

They took a very strict approach to all young children and never even allowed them to be alone with members of the opposite sex until they got married.

Yes, these are the same parents who allowed their daughters to be sexually abused under the roof and defended the attackers.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger as a couple

Instead of punishing the criminal, Jim Bob and Michelle blamed the victims and forced them to endure the ridiculously strict rules of the opposite sex.

The girls were forced to wear oppressive clothes. “Modest attire“In all activities and in all kinds of weather to avoid seducing predators like Josh.

The question now is, will this latest scandal change anything about Daggers’ approach to sex and relationships?

Josh Duggar on Election Day

Sadly, the answer is almost certainly not.

It has been rumored that multiple courtships have taken place these days, and participants seem to be forced to follow the same illness rules.

Insider says Jana Dagger has been brought to court by Stephen Wisman, Nebraska-based pilot and businessman.

Jessa and Yana

At the same time, Stephen’s sister, Hannah Wisman has been brought to court by Jeremiah Dagger..

Of course, it’s no coincidence that the two daggers have a romantic relationship with the two members of the Wisman clan.

Rather, it is evidence that nothing has changed regarding Jim Bob’s control over the love life of his children.

Instagram Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle

Jim Bob needs to approve all of his descendant potential partners, who must all be from a reputable evangelical family.

Of course, these days, most of those families don’t want anything to do with Duggars.

Jim Bob then returns to the same well many times with the goal of marrying all his children and producing the largest number of grandchildren.

Jim Bob Dagger: Groom's Father

Currently, it seems that only the secret level has changed.

Dagger was screaming about all the courtships from the nearest rooftop, but these days he keeps the relationship secret until the end of the wedding day.

When Likely to be canceled And Josh went to jail, you’re sure the daggers will go into damage control mode and they will live much more open than before.

Sadly, that means Jim Bob can escape with an even greater abuse of his power.

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