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California Files 100th Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

California AG Xavier Becerra’s ‘Sneaky’ Power Grab

The bill is a tacit admission that AG’s office may not have had the resources to do its job properly

By Katy Grimes, September 2, 2020 1:53 pm

“In an unusual last-minute power grab, Attorney General Xavier Becerra is trying to ram something called Assembly Bill 6 through the California State Legislature,” the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board reported Monday. “It’s a perfect example of bad, secretive and cynical government.”

“Legislators should do the right thing by just saying no to AB 6.”

AB 6, which was sent to the inactive file in 2019 because it could not pass the legislative committee process, was dusted off and brought back August 25th. It is a very odd bill which would dramatically increase the Attorney General’s power and influence over a “Statewide Opioid Settlement Agreement,” which would prevent local governments from suing companies involved in the nation’s opioid crisis.

AB 6 “empowers the Attorney General with the ability to release any claims that may be brought by the State and other government entities in California, including cities and counties, related to the marketing, distribution, or sale of opioids, or related activity.”

AB 6 also allows the AG “to prosecute any violations of law when, in the opinion of the AG, any law of the State is not being adequately enforced in any county.”

AB 6 would also expand the attorney general’s powers involving the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


California AG Xavier Becerra’s ‘Sneaky’ Power Grab

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