#childpredator | Letter: When will we put the needs of the victims ahead of the guilty? | Letters

Again and again as I watch the news and read the paper I see another person arrested for child molestation.

Do you think we are possibly not hard enough on these “human predators?” How about lobotomy’s or castration? Actually, how about both?

Do those who judge have any idea what it does to a child who is a victim of one of these monsters? That child lives with it forever.

Do you know what it’s like to be afraid of strangers or even family or friends whose act of indecency on that person has caused them to mistrust and live in fear for the rest of their lives?

It is a life changing tragedy that has so many after-the-fact incidents that occur for a victim. As hard as they try, they still see the section of people who want to help the predator and blame the victim. How is a 3-year-old child the cause of someone wanting satisfaction from them at fault?

Get a grip America, we have a massive problem here and it needs addressed in a manner that says “we are going to try and keep more children and those other victims safe.” Get tough on these monsters! If they can’t help themselves, we need to help them so they cannot hurt anyone else. Perhaps we could find an island somewhere where these people could prey on each other.

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