#childpredator | Man Arrested In Elk Grove Walmart After Attempting To Meet Minor For Sex

On Thursday, January 6th, 28 year old Sacramento resident, Louis Jimenezgrigaitis was arrested in an Elk Grove Walmart after attempting to meet up with a 13-year-old boy. Jimenezgrigaitis and the minor were supposedly meeting for sex. However, this soon came to a halt. The YouTube channel, “Creep Catching Unit” caught him in the middle of their own child predator sting that took place in the Elk Grove Walmart. Jimenezgrigaitis was found to have been carrying a loaded firearm while attempting to meet the minor. The man was arrested on the spot but has been released since Friday after posting a bail payment of $100,000. 

The “Creep Catching Unit” works all throughout California to fight against child predators. They spread awareness by using YouTube as their main platform. Important to note, their videos are typically filmings of their sting operations, much like this one in Elk Grove. 


The Elk Grove Police Department encourages those who are aware of community crime to report it to local law enforcement for both their safety and the victim’s safety. 

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