#childpredator | Neighbors shocked by “quiet” couple’s arrest in infant death

BATON ROUGE – In a Facebook post, John and Analise Noehl said goodbye to their eight-week-old boy Dominik at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

The next pictures they would take are mugshots after being arrested Wednesday, now suspects in the death of their child.

“I was very, very shocked,” said neighbor Austin Breaux who lives just down the street.

Breaux lives down the street from the Noehls in the Small Oak Meadows subdivision. “They are super nice people. I would never expect anything like this. We even saw the newborn. Got to see him in the stroller.”

According to arrest documents, John Noehl called 911 last Tuesday, telling dispatchers he found the child unresponsive. He said the baby fell out of a rocker a few weeks earlier.

Dominik was first taken to a hospital in Baton Rouge, but later transfered to the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. Doctors determined his death was not an accident.

An autopsy found Dominik had a skull fracture, internal bleeding, seven broken ribs, and bruising on his back. Detectives say the boy’s parents were his only caretakers.

“I was shocked to hear that,” said neighbor Bryant Delafield, who lives across the street from the family.

Delafield says they were quiet, and he never saw any problems at their home.

“You know, it’s hard to believe something like that. I don’t really know what happened,” Delafield said. “If that’s the case, it’s really unbelievable.”

Residents in Oak Meadows say it’s hard for them to believe their quiet neighbors were accused of such a horrible crime.

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