#childpredator | Rogers County Man Arrested, Accused Of Molesting Underage Girls

An all-day search ends with a Rogers County man in jail accused of molesting two girls under the age of 16.

Rogers County Investigators arrested Russell Herrick in Catoosa and arrested four others who are accused of knowing about the abuse, and not reporting it. Rogers County Investigators say they learned Herrick had been molesting the two girls for years. An affidavit says when investigators asked him about it, Herrick told investigators it was true.

Eight hours of searching all over Rogers County and Tulsa, ended with Herrick in handcuffs, headed to the Rogers County Jail. 

“He caught wind of it and bolted on us and we ended up locating him in the Catoosa area of Rogers County after a day of hunting him,” said Sergeant Bo Williams with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office. 

Investigators went from Inola to Tulsa, to Broken Arrow, back to Inola, and ended up in Catoosa. Sergeant Williams says Herrick wasn’t the only one they were investigating. Investigators arrested April Owen, Rose Points, Rhonda Allbright, and Russell Trimble, who are all accused of knowing about the abuse and allowing it to continue.

“These individuals knew what was going on and didn’t report it. They have a legal obligation to report it so we went after them for enabling,” said Williams.

Investigators say they work a lot of cases where they pretend to be underage girls on social media to take down child predators. They say it sickens them when there are real victims being abused.

“A lot of work went into this. My partner worked on this for many many hours, putting this all together and making a case of it, said Williams.” We weren’t going to quit until we found him. That’s for sure. We knew he was out there. We knew he was a threat to society, other people, other children even.”

Both Rose Points and April Owen have bonded out of jail. Points attorney says they deny that the charges are valid, and says the charges are not accurate. He says they will strongly defend Points.

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