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#childpredator | Texas Border Patrol agents catch deported child sex predators attempting to re-enter U.S.

EDINBURG, Texas (KWTX) – U.S. Border Patrol Agents in South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector arrested two child sexual predators and gang members.

Agents working at the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint referred a tractor trailer to the secondary inspection area following a K-9 alert on April 18.

A search of the trailer revealed four undocumented migrants, including a Salvadoran man, who had a 2020 conviction of sexual assault of a child.

On April 15, agents working in Rio Grande City apprehended a group of nine migrants, including a Guatemalan man who revealed he was convicted of sex with a minor less than 16 years old and had served 180 days and three years’ probation.

Border patrol agents also arrested members of the 18th Street and a Mara-Salvatrucha gangs with extensive arrest records to include unlawfully carrying of a weapon and assault.

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