Children’s #Advocacy Center #works to #encourage people to #report #child abuse

The center in Benton County offers training on how to identify and report abuse.

Experts at the Children’s Advocacy Center advise mandated and non-mandated reporters to contact authorities if they witness behavior or signs that could mean abuse or neglect.

“Abuse rarely stops without intervention. We have that moral obligation outside of that legal standard of being a mandated reporter to intervene and make that hotline report so we can cause that prompt investigation for that child,” according to Education Specialist Melanie Halbrook.

Mandated reporters are person’s under the Child Protection Law who are required to report suspected acts of child maltreatment, including teachers, nurses, caretakers and coaches. Mandated reporters must immediately contact the Child Abuse Hotline to report suspected child abuse. However, experts said they want to remind others who may be neighbors, bystanders or family friends, that he or she also has a “moral obligation” to help a child who may be experiencing abuse or neglect.

A few red flags that could raise concern would be children with bruises in places that may not bruise easily. In terms of neglect, Halbrook says children who are mature and who may be acting as the “caretaker” for their family may be victims of abuse or neglect.

The CAC has a educational training seminars at their location for local organizations.

You can contact the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline to report anything you may have witness concerning a child that you deem suspicious.