#childsafety | 10 Klaus Mikaelson Quotes That Prove He’s Actually Good

Klaus Mikaelson has been called many things over the course of The Vampire Diaries franchise, including ‘The Great Evil,’ but The Originals provided some much-needed perspective as to why he does what he does. Unlike other villains, who typically seek out power and strength, Klaus’s motivations almost always come back to love.

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Klaus has an artist’s soul, which comes out in some of his most poignant speeches and comments. In these, audiences get a glimpse of the man behind the monster, giving them insight into what truly makes him a good man.

10 When Klaus Reassured Cami She Wasn’t A Failure

“You Stayed My Hand, Quelled My Rage, You Inspired Goodness In Me, And Unlike All Of The Souls I’ve Encountered And Forgotten In The Long March Of Time, I Will Carry You With Me.”

This quote from season 3, episode 19 of The Originals comes while Camille is dying. She’s panicking, terrified of dying, and says that she wishes she had done more in her life than be a bartender and “fail as [his] therapist”.

Klaus takes the time to reassure her that she was never a failure and that she will never truly die so long as he remembers and is changed by her. This moment shows that, when it comes down to it, Klaus is as kind and caring toward the people he loves as anyone in the TVD universe.

9 When Klaus Helped Elijah Channel His Darkness

“We Are The Savage Villains In Fairy Tales Told To Children. But Not For My Child. Not For Hope. In Her Story, We Are The Knights In Shining Armor.”

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This quote from season 2, episode 7 of The Originals comes while Elijah is sick and fighting against a curse from their mother that makes him relive the dark, shameful moments he kept hidden even from himself.
Klaus acknowledges Elijah’s darkness, but he also gives him something to fight for. Elijah must fight against his own shame to be the kind of man Hope needs, which helps rescue Elijah from himself and makes clear that Klaus’s deepest desire is to make the world safe for his daughter.


8 When Klaus Told Marcel What He Was Fighting For

“I Will Not Do To My Child What Was Done To Me. To Us.”

This quote from season 1, episode 9 of The Originals comes after Klaus has fought and defeated Marcel, forcing Marcel to swear his allegiance to Klaus.
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While Marcel assumes the coup was a matter of Klaus wanting power, Klaus explains that it was actually to appease the witches who threatened his child. Neither man had a supportive father, but Klaus wants better for his daughter and trusts Marcel enough to tell him the truth about his motivations. After this, he tries to form a better relationship with Marcel because he wants to support his family—born and made.

7 When Klaus Reassured Hayley She Was Still Family

“Hayley, This Family Comes With Many Hardships, But There Is One Benefit. You Will Always Have A Home Here.”

This quote from season 3, episode 11 of The Originals comes when Hayley asks if she can stay at the Mikaelson compound. By this point, the two have both betrayed and hurt each other, and Hayley is clearly hesitant in even asking for help.
This quote shows that, no matter what might have happened between them, Klaus considers Hayley to be a part of his family, which makes her part of the legendary Always and Forever pact he made with his siblings. He will do anything to keep her safe and happy, offering her comfort instead of seeking revenge for what she’s done to him.

6 When He Gave Cami Sweet Dreams

“Tonight You’ll Sleep And You Will Dream Of A World Far Better Than This One. A World Where There Is No Evil, No Demons, And All People Desire Only To Be Good.”

This quote from season 1, episode 4 of The Originals comes as part of Klaus’s compulsion to Camille. He makes her forget what she knows about the supernatural world, much to her frustration but explains he is doing it not for his safety, but for hers.
Along with his attempt to protect her, Klaus adds a compulsion that will give Cami comforting dreams which will shelter the light he sees in her. Klaus promises to help her with the darkness encroaching on her world but refuses to let it destroy her.

5 When Klaus Gave Hayley Perspective On Her Pain

“With Time, They All Begin To Run Together, But You Will Find The Real Moments Are Vibrant. The Rest Just Fades Away. Your Pain Will Fade.”

This quote from Season 2, Episode 1 of The Originals comes while Klaus is comforting Hayley about the tragedy of losing their child and her struggles over being a hybrid and needing to kill wolves to survive.
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He technically has no reason to comfort Hayley now that she has given birth to Hope, but he continues to treat her as family and provides her with a birds-eye view of her problems, promising her that in the realm of memory, the pain will fade while the joy will last.

4 When Klaus Helped Hayley Connect With Elijah

“Listen, Hayley, a word of advice when dealing with Elijah. Don’t do as I do. Just apologize. He’s accomplished at many things, but he is a master at forgiveness.”

This quote from season 1, episode 11 of The Originals comes just after Klaus has donated food and acquired shelter for the werewolves to stay safe during a storm. Hayley is surprised that he would do something selfless, and he continues to surprise her by offering selfless advice.
At this point in the show, Klaus is deeply jealous of Hayley’s relationship with Elijah because he worries about being overshadowed in the eyes of his daughter. Offering Hayley advice on reconciling with Elijah is a truly selfless act and one which involves more sacrifice than anything he did for the wolves.

3 When Klaus Stopped Fighting Marcel For Cami

“She Woke In The Dark, Not Knowing Where She Was Or Who Was Watching Over Her. It Was Your Name She Called, And If You Can Grant Her Comfort, So Be It.”

Marcel dances with Cami

This quote from season 1, episode 19 of The Originals comes after Camille’s uncle has died, attacked her, and then died again. Cami is in a world of pain, and Klaus gives up his feud with Marcel to get Cami the best comfort he can offer her.
Despite his own attraction to Camille, Klaus knows that she needs Marcel and that Marcel will also be mourning the loss of a friend. Klaus may scheme and fight, but when it really matters, all he wants is to take care of his loved ones.

2 When Klaus Sacrificed Himself To Protect His Family

“I Write To Tell You That I Love You And To Explain That In Our Family’s Darkest Hour I Was Called Upon To Save My Siblings, So I Did. Please Do Not Mourn Me. Whatever Pain I Endure, I Do So In Service Of Those I Love.”

This quote from season 3, episode 22 of The Originals comes in the form of a letter Klaus writes to Hope before he willingly sacrifices himself to be tortured for the sake of his family. The Mikaelsons have been struck down by curses and poisons, and what they need more than anything is time—time that Klaus’s sacrifice is able to give them.
The quote really says everything. Klaus will do anything, even sacrifice himself to years of pain and degradation away from his family to make sure that they are safe.

1 When He Funded The Salvatore School

“Dearest Caroline, I Have Often Imagined The Path Your Life Might Take, But Your Chosen Future Is More Noble Than I Ever Fathomed. Please Accept This Contribution To Your Virtuous Cause.”

Klaus and Caroline holding hands in The Originals.

This quote from season 8, episode 16 of The Vampire Diaries comes in a letter from Klaus to Caroline, along with a check for 3 million dollars. Not only is Klaus providing a safe place for his daughter, but he is also funding Caroline’s dream of a safe place for her own children, where being supernatural doesn’t mean they have to fight to survive.
Episode 10 of Legacies shows what state the Salvatore School would be in if not for Klaus’s donation, and it is considerably weaker than it is when Klaus does fund it. Much of the good the school is able to do comes from Klaus’s donation, proving that Klaus is more than willing to forgo his own personal wealth to make a better, safer world for the next generation.
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