#childsafety | 10 Most Awkward, Embarrassing Things Paul Staehle Ever Said

90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle is one odd duck, and that’s putting it lightly. Here are 10 of the most embarrassing things to come out of his mouth.

Reality television stars are not exactly known for their verbal tact, and they sometimes stick their feet in their mouths. 90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle is notorious for publically claiming outrageous and embarrassing things. The husband and father tends to say whatever is on his mind. Before he thinks his words, though, they seem to be flying out of his mouth. Unfortunately, his wife Karine is often on the receiving end of Paul’s wild rants.

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There is no shortage of awkward things that Paul has said over the years, and here are the ten most questionable things that he has let slip out of his mouth! Paul certainly needs to think before he speaks in the future!

10 A DNA Test Was Necessary For His Wife And Child

When Paul’s Brazilian wife Karine was expecting their son, Pierre, he commented about a paternity test being essential. Paul said that he had some anxiety regarding the new baby and that his wife had perhaps cheated on him several times. Paul’s “proof” came in the form of flirty text messages, and the fact that he claimed his wife would stay out all evening long. Karine was obviously distressed over this. What wife wouldn’t be?

9 Paul Disclosed His Criminal Past

There are simply some things that a guy should not say to his future in-laws, and telling them off the bat that you come with a criminal record is not exactly the most delicate way to forge a bond with your new family.

While we respect honesty, there is a way to perhaps finesse information such as a criminal record. Paul might have chosen a different way to let his new family know that he had been to jail for arson and that he had firmly been the subject of a restraining order against a girlfriend.

8 False Accusations About Karine

Karine and Paul are all about the ups and downs in life. They went through a very dark time several months ago, and it seemed that a divorce was imminent. During this rocky period, Paul claimed that his wife tried to take his life! He said Karine put glass in his food, as well as other accusatory things.

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The pair eventually decided to handle their relationship differently, and Paul has since said that he made all that stuff up. How you move on from that, we are not sure, but it seems that they are trying.

7 He Swears His Home Is Haunted

Everyone gets creeped out now and again, but Paul might be a bit paranoid when it comes to his home and possible hauntings. He has taken to social media to say that, between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., certain toys function and move about his home with little or no explanation. Maybe Paul really does have ghost friends lurking about, but also, maybe he should try getting a bit more sleep so that his mind remains calm.

6 Paul’s Odd Prison Advice

Paul decided to give his fellow 90 Day Fiance costar Jorge some strange prison-parenting advice. Paul told Jorge, who also spent time in the clink, to save his small prison television so that he could give it to his future child.

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He claimed that the prison television was the perfect size for a small child, and his own son, Pierre, uses his former boob-tube. Considering Jorge and his 90 Day Fiance wife, Anfisa, are headed for divorce, we doubt that they will be needing the baby tidbits.

5 He Would Never See His Sons Again

When Paul and Karine went through their most recent relationship meltdown, he disclosed that he was in Brazil, “staying busy and productive,” while his family was back in the states. He said that his mother was in the midst of a nervous breakdown because she was barred from his and Karine’s son. He also said that he didn’t think he would see Pierre or his unborn baby ever again. Spoiler alert: he was being dramatic. The couple has since mended fences.

4 Safety To The Max

In these strange days, everyone seems to be taking extra safety precautions while out and about. Paul is a well-known germaphobe, and it is no surprise that he is making sure all germs and viruses stay at bay.

While out with his sometimes estranged wife, Paul masked up in a pretty severe way. He entered a store with his wife wearing a full gas mask and told fans that he was all filtered up. Even Karine thought that this garb was going a bit overboard.

3 Paul Being A Financial Hypocrite

Paul was not a fan of the Amazon, and he never hid the fact that he was basically living in the slums while being in the south. He notoriously hung trash bags in his Brazilian abode to serve as curtains. Recently, Paul posted pictures of his wife Karine, stating that she had some cosmetic enhancements done to her brows and her lips. Many immediately questioned how Paul could afford his wife such luxuries, but not manage anything but trashbags on the windows of their South American home. We don’t know how to answer that.

2 The Thank You And Run

Paul made a bizarre comment this past summer, and, sadly, it fell right in line with the strange things that fall out of this man’s mouth. He thanked @krogerco for post-filming gifts, and then he apologized for running off!

Like, he literally picked those feet up and fled. Fans have seen this behavior more than once, but this was especially strange this time around since the run occurred after a thank you. It might be high time for Paul to stay off of social media.

1 Claims Of Being Mr. Wonderful

There are two sides to every story, so we are not exactly buying Paul’s claims of being the perfect husband to Karine. This past summer, while they were reportedly separating, Paul told the world that he did everything for Karine. He said he did things like found work and got a car and a home.

People were quick to point out that these were things that Paul should be doing as a grown man. He also said that he did all the cooking, cleaning, and childcare for his wife and child. We are not so sure that Paul is the picture of perfection.

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