#childsafety | 30 Best Gifts for New Grandparents 2020 | The Strategist

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Along with getting married and becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent for the first time is one of life’s universal milestones. If you know someone who’s about to welcome their first grandchild, you may have had the (correct!) instinct to look for a gift to mark the occasion. But what exactly do you get for folks who, yes, have been parents, but have not yet been grandparents?

To help figure it out, we talked to ten grandparents about the things they think would make the best gifts for anyone joining their ranks. Their ideas range from practical (state-of-the-art car seats and locks for cabinets) to sentimental (books and “smart” teddy bears; yes, they exist) to just plain wise (hotel gift cards so grandma and grandpa have a place to escape when newborn and parents need alone time at home). On top of covering a diverse range of interests, our grandparents’ 30 gift ideas below come at every price point, making it even easier to find the right thing for the new grandparents in your life.

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