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#childsafety | 7 Stroller Accessories to Make Your Next Family Vacation a Breeze

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Traveling with young children can be stressful. Your eyes have to be everywhere and two arms just aren’t enough when you’re grappling with fidgety humans, passports, and boarding passes (which you could have sworn were in the inside pocket of your hand luggage). It doesn’t get any easier when you arrive at your destination, either, where you might find yourself juggling suitcases, a stroller, public transport in a new city, and a hot climate—among other challenges.

While we can’t offer tips on moonlighting as an octopus, we have rounded up the best stroller accessories and tips so you don’t need those extra hands—including a stylish bag to hang off the handlebar, an attachable shade to help your baby nap comfortably in the heat, and more. 

Below, seven handy stroller accessories for travelers to buy right now.

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