#childsafety | 8 Best Father Figures In Movies

The role of the father in both society and the media has begun to change in recent years. A well-known trope in media is the absent father, but recent movies have begun exploring the greater picture behind a father’s role, proving one doesn’t have to be related by blood to form a strong familial bond.

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A father figure often takes on a parental role in a younger protagonist’s life, helping to guide and mentor them through both struggles and triumphs. While they may not be a biological father, father figures often grow to care for other characters as though they were their own children, forming relationships which stand the test of time.

8 Tony Becomes A Role Model To Peter (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Tony Stark makes some questionable decisions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with one of them being bringing an inexperienced teenager, Peter Parker, into a civil war. However, Stark more than makes up for it by becoming a guiding light to Peter as the young hero begins his journey as Spider-Man. Tony is someone Peter looks up to and who shares his passion for science and technology.

Tony Stark does everything in his power to make sure Peter makes smart decisions and equips him with suits and technology to keep him safe. Peter and Tony’s genuine care for each other makes it all the more heartbreaking when Peter must say goodbye to him in Avengers: Endgame.

7 Sirius Black Was More Than Just A Godfather (Harry Potter)

Following his parent’s death, Harry Potter grew up with his aunt and uncle, who treated him terribly and never bothered to hide how much they hated having him at home. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry meets Sirius Black, his godfather and his father’s best friend. Sirius and Harry quickly develop a close relationship.

Whenever Harry is in trouble, he knows he can turn to Sirius for advice, no matter the risk it poses to Sirius’s safety. One of the hardest things for audiences to watch and Harry to experience is Sirius’s death in The Order of the Phoenix.

6 Sophie Learned Not To Care Who Her Biological Father Was (Mamma Mia)

The opening scene of Mamma Mia shows Sophie inviting all the men she believes could potentially be her father to her wedding, in the hopes of figuring out the mystery once they arrive. Much to her mother’s annoyance, Sophie spends time getting to know the three men, Sam, Harry, and Bill and grows to care for all three, with the potential dads all reciprocating in their affection for her. In the end, Sophie and the three dads agree to drop the mystery and instead treat everyone like family. They all come to realize it’s not biology that makes someone a parent, but love for their child.

5 Carlisle Held Together A Family Of Vampires (The Twilight Saga)

Being the head of the Cullen family in the Twilight saga, Carlisle Cullen had a huge responsibility when it came to keeping his family together. Carlisle used his vampirism to save the lives of good people in need but then had to deal with the consequences. Carlisle spent many years helping the Cullens learn to control their thirst for human blood, proving himself a compassionate man.

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Carlisle’s devotion to his family, in particular the five young Cullens who he considers his children, is evident from the beginning. He does everything in his power to protect them and those they love, particularly Edward and Bella.

4 Maverick Watches Out For Goose’s Son (Top Gun: Maverick)

In the brilliant sequel Top Gun: Maverick, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returns to Top Gun to teach. He’s reunited with Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of his old friend and wingman Goose, who dies in a tragic accident in the original movie. Rooster is initially reluctant to form any connection with Maverick. Rooster partly blames Maverick for his father’s death and is angry at Maverick for blocking his application to the Naval Academy.

However, throughout the movie, Rooster grows to respect and forgive Maverick, and learns to value his knowledge and experience. Maverick does his best to build a bond with Rooster, giving him advice caring for him like a son. The two end the movie on great terms, working on a plane together and seemingly having formed a similar relationship to the one Maverick had with Rooster’s father before his death.

3 Alfred Pennyworth Is Bruce Wayne’s Family (Batman Begins)

Bruce Wayne has been brought to the screen many times from Clooney’s portrayal of the character to Bale’s to Pattinson’s. What’s constant is the presence of Bruce’s trusted butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. When Wayne’s parents are tragically killed when he is a child, Alfred becomes the closest thing to a family that Bruce has.

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In every version of Bruce and Alfred’s relationship, it’s clear Alfred has given Bruce valuable advice and plays a huge part in raising Bruce, helping him become the man and hero he’s destined to be. Bruce and Alfred love each other like father and son and will sacrifice anything to protect one another.

2 Haymitch Led Katniss And Peeta Despite His Trauma (The Hunger Games)

When young tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are chosen to represent District 12 in The Hunger Games, Haymitch Abernathy — the only previous winner from District 12 — must mentor them. Haymitch struggles with trauma from his past, responsibility, and alcoholism, but still proves to be an asset to the team.

Throughout the franchise, Haymitch grows to truly take the duo under his wing, care about them, and want to protect them from the Capitol. During the franchise, there are often moments when Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch are the only people the trio knows they can trust and as such, rely on each other as a family would.

1 Mr. Miyagi Taught Daniel LaRusso To Stand Up For Himself (The Karate Kid)

Daniel LaRusso’s biological father never appears in The Karate Kid, so it’s easy to see why LaRusso looks up to his karate instructor Mr. Miyagi. While Mr. Miyagi rarely shows emotion, and LaRusso sometimes feels the instructor’s too harsh on him, Miyagi wants LaRusso to reach his full potential and knows exactly what to do to get him there.

Not only does Miyagi teach LaRuso discipline and how to defend himself, but they also develop mutual respect and affection for each other, which continues through the sequels. Mr. Miyagi is proud of Daniel’s accomplishments, taking pride in his growth and development just like a father would. Daniel takes Mr. Miyagi’s lessons with him when he teaches in Cobra Kai.

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