#childsafety | 9 Resources For Non-Black Parents Of Black Children, Recommended By Experts & Families

For parents who have adopted across racial lines, Pact may be an invaluable resource. “Parents can and should learn from those who have lived the experience their own children are embarking on to learn from those who know,” Beth Hall, director of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, tells Romper via email.

An adoption placement, education, and support community, Pact offers a tremendous amount of information and other resources for families interested in transracial adoption. The Transracial Adoption/Interracial Adoption Resource Library from Pact is loaded with articles, essays, and videos about the topic, exploring everything from white privilege to racial identity formation. For instance, in one short video, Hall discusses what parents need to consider when adopting transracially. People who have already adopted may benefit from the video about supporting transracially adopted teens.

In addition, Pact also offers online chat groups, educational workshops and conferences, the nationally acclaimed Pact Family Camp, and one-on-one consultations about transracial/transnational parenting.

Not surprisingly, Hall has also written a book on the subject (along with fellow co-author Gail Steinberg) titled Inside Transracial Adoption. Hall co-founded Pact in 1991 to help combat the discrimination she witnessed against adopted children of color.


Fern L. Johnson, Ph.D., senior research scholar and professor emerita of English at Clark University. Author (with her spouse Marlene G. Fine) of the forthcoming book Let’s Talk Race—A Guide for White People, due out next year from the New Society Press.

Dr. Howard Pratt, D.O., child psychiatrist with Community Health of South Florida

Anni Reinking Ed.D., author of Not Just Black and White

Diana Anzaldua, LCSW, BIPOC Licensed Clinical Practitioner in Austin, Texas

Beth Hall, author of Inside Transracial Adoption, co-founder of Pact, An Adoption Alliance

Caitlin Hill, MS, adoption counselor at the BaltimoreTherapy Center

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