#childsafety | 9 Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Backyard

  • Choosing a place for the construction of a playground.
  • Selection of objects for the playground.
  • It is necessary to completely exclude the things that can cause injuries and mutilations of varying severity.

Kids nowadays spend to many time indoors by their computer and tablets. We know that one of your favourite things may be relaxing in the backyard, so why not to make there a place for your kids too? That way, they will be on your sight and outdoors playing! Double bonus. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make a playground in your yard.

Choosing a place for the construction of a playground

When planning and developing a plan for the construction of a children’s play complex, several rules should be followed:

  1. The playground should be clearly visible by adults in order to constantly monitor the safety of children;
  2. it is advisable to locate objects in the play area out of the reach of direct sunlight — it is better to choose a place near high fences or trees, walls of a house or other massive structures;
  3. the playground in the backyard should not be located in too open blown areas of the terrain — otherwise, it is possible that children will often get sick;
  4. the construction of the children’s complex should be carried out on a flat surface with solid ground — otherwise, with heavy downpours, puddles and mud are not excluded;
  5. the playground should be located away from the place for stopping and parking for personal vehicles so that the child does not accidentally fall under the wheels.

Selection of objects for the playground

Before starting to draw up a plan for the construction of a playground for recreation and entertainment of children, you need to think about what kind of structures to build.

Typically, a playground contains the following:

  • sandbox;
  • slide;
  • swing;
  • children’s houses;
  • hammocks;
  • tents, huts;
  • swimming pools;
  • trampolines;
  • obstacle course.
Swedish ladder.

If a child is fond of sports and you want to involve him in this useful activity, then it will not be superfluous to establish the following additional elements:

  • Swedish ladder;
  • basketball hoop;
  • volleyball net;
  • horizontal bar;
  • football goal.

The parent himself decides whether a particular object is needed, depending on the child’s age, physical, mental state, as well as on the basis of personal preferences.

DIY sandbox

The most popular object of a children’s play complex is a sandbox, which you can build yourself using scrap materials. For construction, you will need:

  • edged board 20 × 100 × 1800 mm (10-12 pieces);
  • timber 40 × 40 × 500 (4-6 pieces);
  • nails 3 × 70 (80 – 100 pieces);
  • gravel or granite crushed stone for drainage.
  • mark the lawn;
  • preparing a place for construction —
  • pull out a small pit about 30 cm deep;
  • fill the space with drainage — rubble or pebbles;
  • mount the sides of the sandbox from edged boards, making a rectangular frame;
  • additionally, equip seats for children along the edges of the structure.

The sandbox frame is easy to make — for this you need to cut 2 grooves from each edge of the board with a depth of about half of it, stepping back from the edge about 15 cm, then connect all 4 boards. For additional strength of the system, wooden beams are used, which are attached to each of the 4 corners of the frame.

The final step in creating a sandbox is the design. It all depends on your imagination — you can use paints and paint it in all colours of the rainbow or build an umbrella that will protect children from overheating on sunny days.


Not a single children’s area on the site can do without the main attribute of recreation and entertainment for the younger generation — a swing.

To build them with your own hands, you don’t not need much knowledge in the field of construction. You need to stock up on the following materials:

  • wooden beams or metal pipes;
  • strong ropes or chains;
  • concrete screed.

The installation process itself is:

  • small holes are dug in the ground to install swing racks;
  • then they are poured with a prepared concrete solution;
  • a crossbar is attached perpendicular to the racks;
  • mount carabiners along the edges of the seat and on the transverse beam;
  • finally, insert the chain or rope into the carabiners and make sure the structure is secure.


To make the children’s area really a place for good rest and development, you can supplement it with another attribute — a slide. This structure can be made from both plastic and wooden materials.

For safety reasons, the height of the slide should not exceed:

  • 1 meter — for children from 1 to 5 years old;
  • 2.5 meters — for children over 5 years old.

Some nuances should be taken into account:

  • If the slope of the slide is planned to be made of a wooden covering, then it should be carefully sanded to get rid of various roughness and splinters;
  • at the end of the descent from the slide, you need to provide a soft coating in order to protect children from injury – sand, lawn grass, sports mat are suitable;
  • the edges of the slope on the sides must be equipped with protective railings;
  • 25-30 degrees is the optimal angle of inclination of the stairs leading to the hill, and the width of the steps is from 20 to 25 cm.

Tree houses, tents

To make the playground in the courtyard look like a full-fledged element of the exterior of the entire house, you can complement it with a beautiful mini house or tent.

The simplest option is a hut made of scrap materials. Such a structure can be made as follows:

  1. take 4 strong wooden sticks or poles;
  2. connect their ends at the top so that a cone is formed;
  3. pull over a cover made of waterproof fabric.

Another way to build a simple hut is to also make a cone out of fabric, using a sports hoop to expand the bottom. The upper part can be hung from a tree.

A house on a tree

As a child, each one of us dreamed of his own space away from the gaze of the parental eye or the gaze of strangers. After all, there you can create a separate world – with its own laws and traditions.

It is not easy to realize your innermost dream, because the construction of a good-quality children’s house will require sufficient knowledge and materials. If there is a large sturdy tree in the garden, then you can build a house on it.

First of all, it is necessary to assess the condition of the tree. The trunk should be thick, as well as the branches, and the root system should be developed. Typically, deciduous tree species such as birch, alder, maple, linden are suitable for building a house.

The easiest way is to erect a structure on an already cut tree, from which only the massive lower part of the trunk remains. This is also preferable for security reasons — it is recommended that the house is not higher than 2 meters from the ground level.

If the child suffers from allergies, then the site for the construction of the house must be cleared of debris and dangerous plants, especially those in the flowering stage.

Obstacle course

For a child to be able to combine play and sports activities, to fully grow and develop, a playground must be equipped with an obstacle course.

You can make it yourself from scrap materials — for example, old car tires. Many people do this — they dig several tires with an edge into the ground at different heights, thereby getting a combination of descents and ascents.

Also, a playground made of logs will be successfully complemented by a construction made of swinging tires. Chains can be replaced with sturdy ropes.

Hose reel.

Children’s playground safety

Last, but not least. In order for a home-made playground to please the child every day and give only positive emotions, you need to take care of the proper safety of buildings and structures.

It is necessary to completely exclude the things that can cause injuries and mutilations of varying severity. Most of them are received by children when falling from slides, swings, obstacle course elements. Therefore, when choosing a coating, you should not dwell on such materials:

  • concrete;
  • asphalt;
  • compacted soil.

Reducing the risk of injury will help the construction of a children’s corner based on:

  • sand;
  • crumb rubber;
  • small wood chips;
  • artificial turf.

We recommend a natural grass. Just keep in mind that in order to have a good and healthy loan you must maintain it properly. A good quality hose reel is a must-have in this case.

In order to increase the overall safety of children, it is also necessary to exclude all the objects with sharp corners on wooden and metal parts and smooth out all roughness in the playground plan. Moving units must have protective covers.


So, any adult can organise a fun, bright and safe space for their child’s games and entertainment in the yard. This can be done easily and almost entirely from materials that are at hand.

Most people, when designing a play area, opt for a swing, slide, sandbox, obstacle course and houses on the ground, trees.

When planning construction, it is important for a parent to consider how safe the playground will be for the child’s health. At the end of the work, you can decorate the play area with various decorative elements.

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